Career Development Online: LinkedIn

One of the most powerful resumes is Linkedln. It is one of the most powerful career development tools. Do not wait until you are looking for a job. We are all job seekers whether we are satisfied in our current position, or are contemplating a career change.

The advantage of working on Linkedln, consistently, is that it is the only job seeker resource that lets professionals build a long term profile. There is no other job seeker’s resource that lets the Recruiter view years of growth on your career.

1.       Understand How LinkedIn Is Designed to Work

LinkedIn is not designed to be a standalone resume. It requires a pro active approach to marketing that can backfire if you are not dedicated to active marketing. LinkedIn cannot connect you with Recruiters. It is not a job search firm that can help you find the right job to match your skills.

LinkdIn is a support tool for Job Seekers, nothing more. It offers Recruiters a deeper look into your career and personality.

2.       Headhunters do not use LinkedIn

Too many job seekers  believe they can post a profile on LinkedIn and then wait for their dream job to fall into their lap. This doesn’t happen. Career Development requires more than a profile on linkedIn. It requires taking part in the site, posting articles, and communicating with other professionals. 

3.       Get Recommendations

Recommendations are essential but they will not help you land a job.  Not all recommendations are equal. One way to get a relevant, authoritative recommendation is to offer to volunteer, or intern, for a company in exchange for a recommendation.

4.       Keep Your Information Easy to Scan

Pay close attention to the visual aspects of your profile. What is easier to read?

Project Manager | Kitchen Manager | Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager specializing in Kitchen Management with experience in Project Management.

More important – don’t focus on what you can do – but what the Recruiter wants.

Restaurant Manager | Team Leadership | Increased Profits | Shorter Project Execution Time

5.       Network

Linkedin has the power to highlight your communication and social skills. Take the time to retweet other’s work, comment in the forums, join a networking group. 

 Posting Your Resume to LinkedIn

There are two theories on posting your resume. If you post your resume then it becomes public. Anyone can take your personal information, and use your resume anyway they want. It also screams that you are looking for a job. 

The substance of your resume should be in your profile, so adding your resume just reiterates what you’ve already said.

This is a logical argument. Recruiters can search LinkedIn and find your information and make an intelligent decision concerning your eligibility for the position they are filling.

That doesn’t mean that a PDF version of your resume has no benefits. The contact information on the resume can be a link to the contact page on your LinkedIn.  Your resume can also be a brief summary.

The advantage is that the Recruiter can print off a copy of your resume and take it with them. In today’s mobile world a hard copy is not necessary, but it can be handy in a board room.

Your linkedIn profile is only as good as the effort you are able to invest. The best intentions won’t help you stand out ahead of the other Candidates. The only way to stand out is to learn everything you can about LinkedIn and how to use it to promote your career and then proactively and even aggressively market yourself.

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