Breaking through the Ceiling and Landing a Restaurant Manager Job

It is in the best interest for a Restaurant to promote their employees.  How can you make sure you are the next in line to move up?

  • Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected – Showing you can manage, and stay in control during stressful situations – difficult co-workers and upset customers can be a challenge in the hospitality industry. Managers observe how their employees handle these situations and doing a good job can help you earn a promotion
  • Keep a Great Work Ethic – Your General Manager or fellow Manager will take notice of your hard work and dedication sooner than you may expect. Some things that you can do right off the bat to make the best possible impression are to be reliable, honest, punctual, help others, and always be willing to assist others without being asked.
  • Speak Up! All You Have to Do Is Ask – Sometimes, all it takes is a little courage. Asking your General Restaurant Manager for more opportunities to prove your management capabilities and build trust with your supervisor shows that you are eager and ready to take the next step toward a promotion.
  • Revamp Your Resume – Illustrate your problem-solving skills by explaining how you have dealt with any past challenges. Add any new awards, accomplishments, roles, or responsibilities that have occurred since your last resume update.

In fall of 2014, more than 5,000 current and former employees were surveyed by the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation. The results showed just the value of good workers in the restaurant industry.

  • 97 percent of restaurant managers were promoted to higher-paying jobs in the industry
  • 94 percent of shift crew employees had advanced to higher-paying jobs in the industry.
  • 90 percent of restaurant employees 35 or older had advanced to a higher-paying jobs in the industry.

By giving 100% effort each and every day, your patience and dedication will pay off.  Not only will your supervisor likely reward you with a higher-level position, but customers will also notice and appreciate your commitment to great service and the restaurant will benefit from having you part of the team!

If you want to move up the job ladder in a restaurant you need to start preparing and planning 2 – 5 years in advance. Don’t wait until gossip suggests there is a position opening, or you will miss your opportunity.



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