Job Interview Questions Designed to Cause You to Lose the Job

Not all job interview questions are designed to reveal who you are to the HR professional. Many job seekers ramble off answers, trying to sell themselves, and totally miss the interview questions that are designed to trip up and reveal whether you are prepared to run a restaurant, successfully.

 Some of these questions are very benign. They may be as simple as ‘why did you leave your last job,’ or ‘what do you want to get out of your next job.’ The answers may appear straight forward. Most job seekers offer a cookie cutter answer, without understanding what the interviewer is really asking.

 Are You Egocentric?

 One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a job interview is to appear too egocentric. The business world is cut throat. On the restaurant floor it may appear that your job is customer service. You may believe that organization and efficiency are part of the job demands. These things are only tools to reach the ultimate goal – profits.

 Nothing else matters to a business. No business operates to give employees a good life, or support the community. Even the establishments with the best track record for employee satisfaction are still focused on profits.

 Restaurant Managers need to realize that the HR manager isn’t interested in who they are as a person. They are only interested in learning if you know how to make money. Have you made money in the past? Did you increase profits? Did you cost the company money?

 Unfortunately,  many job seekers spend so much time talking about who they are, what they want, and why things didn’t work out in their last job that they miss the point. Did they make money or cost the last employer money.

Are You Loyal?

 Hiring and Training is expensive. The HR professional wants to know one thing. If they hire you, will you stay with the company long enough to see a return-on-their-investment(ROI). A good manager realizes that they are an expense to the restaurant. The employed Restaurant Manger is the one who can succinctly explain this to the HR manager and explain how they plan to give the investors a good return on their money.

Managers need time to build a team, execute projects, and generate profit. This is why recruiters look for restaurant managers who are loyal to their current employer.

Can You See the Bigger Picture?

Success is a habit. Achievement is a behavior pattern. Both are an integral part of a good manager. A good manager is someone who has built up the skills needed to be successful. Their achievements speak louder than any resume.

There are many secrets the recruiters use to identify the people who will excel as managers. One of the tricks is to ask questions about college.  They are most interested in what you did ‘outside of class’. The average student spends their  time working between terms. The motivated leaders who can see the bigger picture will intern. Some corporations not only look at Candidates who intern, but how interesting was the job? Was it related to their career?

These are some of the things a Recruiter will ask a Candidate to try and separate the successfully motivated from the paycheck motivated. When in a job interview, listen to the question carefully and make sure you understand the Interviewer’s intent.

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