Skills Needed to Become a Restaurant Manager

How to Become a Restaurant Manager. If you read most of the articles it sounds like one of the easiest job transitions in the job market. If you are a qualified candidate then you know that no general manager, restaurant owner, or hotel manager is going to put a business that could earn $100 000 a month in the hands of someone who has no experience handling people, creating reports for accountants or pitching projects to the board members.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot make the jump. There are ways that you can become a restaurant manager. The trick is to look past what the typical resume writer or a general recruitment or headhunter company believes is needed in the restaurant industry.

The fact is, a restaurant manager is unique. You cannot be a retail store manager and switch to a restaurant. You cannot manage an accounting office, and switch to a restaurant management job.

Life Coach

A restaurant manager needs to be a life coach. They need above average people handling skills. No one is born with these skills. They need to be learned. In today’s market being certified with the International Coaching Federation.

Most of their certified courses can be done online, at your own pace. Once you finish the course you can add letters after your name, you have a certificate, and you have the skills needed to handle difficult people.

Belonging to an association like ICF that is not directly related to restaurant management shows growth and investment into your own career.

You are a Marketable Commodity

Take a look at your resume. How much time have you invested in becoming marketable? How much money have you invested? How much time have you been ‘testing your skills?’  If you haven’t invested anything into making yourself marketable then you probably will not get the job. If you don’t take yourself seriously then no one else will.

There are ways to invest in yourself. Education, volunteering, joining organizations, developing skills, taking on community/school projects, engaging in anything that requires leadership and planning.  Charities are always looking for someone who wants to help with a project.

Some projects are more difficult. Can you handle a restaurant redesign? Can you create a proposal for the board? Can you give a financial report at the yearly general meeting? If you haven’t done these then you can at least take a course to show that you are serious about landing a job in management.

Create a Portfolio

What do you have that shows you know your job?  Creating a portfolio is a great way to show off your skills. Even if your last boss laughed when you asked to make an employee handbook, make one anyways. Include references to laws and standards. Include phone numbers of organizations that employees may need to contact. Show that you can do the job, and do it well.

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